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Sunday, April 13, 2008

need ideas.

this year has been intresting to say the least. my passion for my concentration is starting to fade everytime i start a new peice, but once i get going i get excited again. i have a few ideas for my next peices but nothing solid. i know people haven't been really commenting a lot on other peoples page, but if anyone has any suggestions -- please. i beg you. let me know


so far i have.

1. passion done

2. neutralize [which got ruined...but at least i have the slide] done

3. infect done

4. wistful done

5. abberant [almost done, but need to finish]

6. [yea....i thought i knew...but i ended up trashing it...so really i have three art projects to do.]

7. dither done

8. pacify done

9. [the tree one i haven't made a name for]

10. optimism [need to put in flower imprints]

11. ?

12 ?

i kinda want to paint this. the word would be....doink.

Monday, January 28, 2008

sketchbook and concentration stuff i've been working on

INFECT:: so far...
planning on putting like a red drip thing in the upper corner that kindof spreads out...not sure how i'm gonna do that though.

and this is just some things i've been messing around with.
superbad was my inspiration.....


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday, December 6, 2007


concentration one [neutralize]
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i think i need to add more to this but i'm not sure how / what to add. but i know it needs something else.
p.s. it's not this glossy. it's just the flash.

concentration two [passion]
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the color is kinda scewed in this one....but ya.
concentration three [dither]
i don't have a picture of it. but i did it last year. it's the green one with the red yarn.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

i've decided....

so i've decided on a concentration.
i'm gonna do the word/word association one
exploring collage elements and contrast
basically, the project we did in adv. drawing and painting with the little cards, only i'll be using canvases/larger sized paper and the words won't be on the painting. and instead of all of them with a dozen layers, some of my painting will be generally simple

here are the words i'm thinking about doing:

Monday, November 5, 2007


i am having the most difficult time deciding on a concentration. i have it narrowed down a lot, but it's still a pretty long list. i think i could tie them all in together in some way, i just haven't figured it out. since i don't really have my own identity as an artist, i want to continue to explore different medias and concepts, so i'm having trouble deciding what to concentrate on.

-realist and non-objective pieces that view water. (ice, steam, liquids)
-and exploration of design and texture related to nature (leaf pattern, repetition, that sort of thing)
-figure drawing of people and animals with an emphasis on contrast and color (contour, gesture, portraits)
- (i saw this one on line, i don't know how i'd represent it, but it fits with my struggle with art) the exploration to find ones self and the struggle.
- abstracted views on everyday household objects
- the power of words/word association.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Takashi Murakami:: i really like his art done with in lithograph. he's a pop artist in japan, which isn't really my style, but i looooove this. i escpecially love the curly waves and the rustic background.